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Spring Failure Analysis: Why Custom Springs and Wire Forms Fail

To design the perfect spring for your application, you have to have as much information related to usage as possible. This includes knowing why springs might fail. Knowing and identifying…

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10 Ways Western Spring Manufacturing Assists in Custom Spring Design

Starting the process of crafting your custom springs opens up exciting opportunities for creativity and precision. Western Spring can help you meet your project requirements precisely and achieve your company’s…

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Chrome Silicon vs. Chrome Vanadium Spring wire

Occasionally, a new high-performance alloy of steel gets developed and essentially replaces a similar material over time. In the case of manufacturing mechanical springs out of Chrome Vanadium spring wire…

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Wire Products And Custom Wire forms For Your Aerospace Projects

If you have an aerospace project, finding the highest quality manufacturer is job one. Western Spring specializes in crafting custom helical coil springs, offering a vast array of configurations tailored…

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Customized Compression Springs used in Valves and Hydraulics

In the intricate world of valves and hydraulics, the unsung heroes often go unnoticed. Customized compression springs play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of various valve components…

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Location Matters: Exploring the Advantages of Local Spring Manufacturers

Choosing a manufacturer for your springs can be stressful. As you explore vendors available to you, you may find that opting for a local spring manufacturing plant can offer a…

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Custom Torsion Springs: The Solution for Your Equipment Trailer Needs

Your Trailer Deserves the Best Torsion Springs Torsion springs find their way into many applications, ranging from trailer ramps to gate latches. Some customers find themselves asking: how can torsion…

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The Crucial Role of Custom Spring Design in Product Manufacturing

Custom springs are the unsung heroes of modern product design, quietly performing vital functions that often go unnoticed by the end-users. Whether it’s in the suspension of a car, the…

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Ensuring Excellence: Western Spring Manufacturing Quality Control Processes in Spring Manufacturing

In the dynamic world of spring manufacturing, precision and reliability are paramount. Quality control processes serve as the foundation and help ensure that every spring meets industry benchmarks and surpasses…

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How Automation is Affecting the Future of Spring Manufacturing

Embracing the Future of Manufacturing: Automation in the Manufacturing Industry Springs Forward The dynamic landscape of manufacturing is taking a significant leap into the future. With the convergence of cutting-edge…

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