Your Trailer Deserves the Best Torsion Springs

Torsion springs find their way into many applications, ranging from trailer ramps to gate latches. Some customers find themselves asking: how can torsion springs be enhanced to improve the functionality of trailer ramps? What design changes could improve the lifespan of hatch and door applications?  Regardless of what torsion spring components are needed for your trailer, Western Spring offers the experience to help produce high-quality and reliable springs.

Western Spring offers common torsion springs used in equipment trailers to assist in the smooth operation of various components.

Here are some of the specific uses for our custom torsion springs:

Trailer Ramp Assist Torsion Springs:

Equipment trailers often come with ramps or gates that facilitate the loading and unloading of heavy machinery or cargo. Torsion springs can be employed in the design of these ramps to assist with the lifting and lowering process.

The torsion springs store and release energy, making it easier to raise and lower the ramps without requiring excessive manual effort. This not only improves the usability of the trailer but also enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidents during loading and unloading.

Our custom manufactured torsion springs will help support your trailer production by providing a quality solution no matter the requirements.  Contact us about our spring design assistance to ensure you’re optimizing your material costs while still providing the best value for your customers.

Lift Gates and Door Torsion Springs:

Some equipment trailers are designed with lift gates or doors for easy access to the cargo area. Torsion springs are commonly used in these lift gate mechanisms to counterbalance the weight of the gate, making it easier to lift and lower. By utilizing torsion springs, the lift gate can be operated with less force, reducing the physical strain on the operator and ensuring a more controlled movement. This is particularly important when dealing with heavy equipment or materials that require careful handling.

Western Spring crafts a variety of custom torsion springs specifically for trailer manufacturers across North America.  If you’re looking for a company that can assist in producing torsion springs for different trailer components, look no further than Western Spring Manufacturing.

Torsion springs are crucial in various trailer assembly applications, from ramps to gates and doors.

At Western Spring, we understand the intricacies of spring production, whether you need single or double torsion springs, and our team can assist with the custom specifications that may be needed for your custom trailer manufacturing.

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