It starts with a cup of coffee… Maybe 2. Pick up the phone, open our design and project management software, and the day begins.

Another day in the life of a custom spring manufacturer begins.

A Day In The Life Of A Spring Manufacturer

At Western Spring, we start each day with a commitment to delivering the very highest quality springs to our customers. That starts with listening.

Estimate and Order:
Where the Spring Manufacturing Process Begins

  • Customer Inquiry:
    The day begins when a customer makes an inquiry for estimate or places an order for custom wire springs, providing specifications, quantities, and any unique requirements.
    The engineering team reviews the customer’s specifications, offering consultation and guidance to ensure the design meets the application’s needs and manufacturing feasibility. This step also ensures that any questions, either from the engineering team or the customer are answered so the final product will come out perfect.
  • Quotation:
    Based on the provided specifications and consultation, a detailed quotation for your coil spring is prepared, outlining costs, lead times, and any specific terms and conditions. If this is just an order for product we have already run, we can skip this step.
  • Order Confirmation:
    Once the customer approves the quotation, an official order is placed, and both parties confirm the details, including design specifications, quantities, and delivery expectations.
  • Prototyping (if needed):
    In cases where prototypes are required, the manufacturing process may involve creating sample springs for customer evaluation and testing of spring material etc. before full-scale production. Our engineers will work with you to get your prototype just right for evaluation.

How The Custom Spring Manufacturing Process Works

From Spring Design to the Floor:
Custom Spring Manufacturing Begins

  • Manufacturing:
    The production team initiates the manufacturing process, utilizing appropriate materials, machinery, and techniques to create the custom springs according to the approved design.
  • Quality Control:
    Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure each custom wire form meets the specified standards and performance criteria.
  • Testing (if needed):
    Depending on the application and type of spring, custom springs may undergo additional testing to validate performance under specific conditions, ensuring your spring wire is of the highest quality.

Spring Winding, Coating, and Finishing is Done:
From Spring Manufacturer to Customer

  • Packaging:
    Once manufactured and inspected, the custom spring coils are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation.
  • Shipping Coordination:
    Logistics and shipping arrangements are made to coordinate the delivery of the custom springs to the customer’s specified location.
  • Delivery:
    The custom springs are delivered to the customer according to the agreed-upon schedule, completing the sales-to-delivery process.

More Than Metal Springs:
Compression Spring Manufacturing is All About Listening to the Customer

  • Customer Feedback:
    Post-delivery, the customer may provide feedback on the received custom springs, and any necessary follow-up actions or support are addressed to ensure satisfaction.

This Spring Manufacturer Cares!

At Western Spring, we know that your product or prototype is important to you and you are important to us. We work daily to be the spring company that manufactures the highest quality springs in our state-of-the-art facility. Contact us with any questions, to get a free quote or meet in person!