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Our years of experience can assist in
addressing a variety of spring design issues.

Our staff has helped numerous customers with design assistance ranging from the professional engineer, tinkering inventor to the corporate buyer. Using the latest design software from the Spring Manufacturers Institute be assured that all elements of your spring design have been considered for the maximum cycle life. Cycle life is increased with a number of methods such as shot peening, tapered hooks, alternative material selection, etc.

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WS-350x350-Orange-Compression002Compression Springs

The most common form of compression spring is a straight cylindrical coil spring with the ends squared (closed), and a common example is a ball point pen spring. Listed are a few variations of the standard compression spring.

Compression springs are often installed over a rod or inside a hole to reduce buckling

WS-350x350-Brass-Extension001Extension Springs

Extension springs are helical springs designed to resist a pulling force. Spring rates are typically expressed in lbs./inch plus the initial tension. With wire diameters ranging from .010” to .625” coiled to virtually any outside diameter. Initial tensions from zero all the way up to the maximum allowable by index of coil (wire diameter to mean diameter ratio). End configuration options are endless with the most common being machine hooks.

300x300-Torsion-White001Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are typically used to counterbalance mechanical loads. Proper design considerations must be taken to size the spring(s) to perform the work at hand. Leg configuration options are endless from straight legs to multiple bends. Wire diameters of .010”-.625” coiled to specification. Torsion spring loads are typically expressed in inch pounds, similar to a torque wrench. Most torsion springs have a few degrees of pre-load to stabilize assemblies such as simple levers. A particular torsion spring known as a double torsion spring is popular because of its ability to make two parts into one which makes installation time twice as fast. Western Spring manufacturers a wide variety of torsion springs for product and industry.

WS-550x550-Silver-Wireform-on-WHITE-001Wire Forms

The designs of wire forms are entirely up to one’s imagination. Wire forms consist of material bent into a configuration that may have some properties of compression, extension or torsion springs. Wire forms typically require non-traditional spring machinery or processes to manufacture. Western Spring uses fully automated CNC wire forming equipment to manufacture parts as efficiently as possible. Check out our link to to see our equipment in action.

300x300-flat-whiteFlat Springs

Flat springs are usually made out of strip material that is formed as annealed stock then heat treated to a spring temper. The material and size options are endless. Pre-tempered material is also an option for simple flat springs. Prototypes to production quantities can be sourced at Western Spring. We can work with you to design a product that works for your application.

Medical Springs

As a medical device spring manufacturer not only do we supply custom springs (including custom coil springs, small compression springs, miniature springs, cable guides, catheter springs, extension springs, torsion springs, medical coils, wire forms, magazine springs, micro springs, small coil springs etc.) but we also provide spring design assistance from our experienced development team. We look forward to helping make your project a success so feel free to contact us at any time.

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