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About Western Spring Manufacturing

Wire Forms
Compression Springs
Extension Springs
Torsion Springs
Flat Springs
Counter Balance / Clock Springs
Die Springs
Medical Coils

A long history of excellance

Our Manufacturing
History Defines Us

Established in 1909 as the Robert Goss Company, the business served as a blacksmith and machine shop. Charles Altstatt was employed as a foreman and in 1932 became owner. He pioneered the legacy of Altstatt family ownership with his strong German work ethic. Requests for coil springs and his insightful craftsmanship to produce them, lead to the specialty that nurtured the current Western Spring Manufacturing.

In the 1940s and 50s, Western Spring used coal boilers for heat to bend wire on lathes driven by overhead line shafts.  Their perseverance and ingenuity guided the business forward as the original location at 443 Wall St. in downtown St. Paul served the company into the new millennium.

Western Spring moved to the industrial park of Hugo MN to provide the stage for new growth.  Western Spring is now operated by the third and fourth generation of Altstatt’s.

Western Spring Manufacturing Team

The third and fourth generations of Altstatt’s carry the commitment of quality and service to the spring and wire forming industry.

The history of Western Spring Manufacturing

The history of Western Spring Manufacturing

The history of Western Spring Manufacturing

The history of Western Spring Manufacturing

A team of dedicated professionals

Our Team of Spring
Manufacturing Experts

Western Spring is Family Owned and American Built

Our Certifications

Western Spring Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015

Western Spring holds the complete ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the manufacturing and distribution of springs and wire forms. Certification Number CERT-0103669

Western Spring Manufacturing is a member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute

Spring Manufacturers Institute

Western Spring is a proud member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) and completes ongoing training and educational events to improve our manufacturing processes.

Western Spring Manufacturing is located in Hugo, MN

Western Spring Manufacturing is located at 13153 Fenway Blvd. N. Hugo, MN 55038 USA

Serving all major industries

Spring Manufacturing
Industries we Serve

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