Alex Altstatt

Business Development / Project Manager

Alex Altstatt has been with Western Spring Manufacturing since 2005 and, in that time, has held the role of project manager and visionary. As an enthusiastic leader, he has been involved in every stage of the sales and product realization cycle. With a diverse background in the industry, having begun working on the shop floor at 14 years old, Alex is viewed as an important asset to the company and a reliable source of knowledge.

Alex puts in a great deal of effort and takes pride in providing customer outcomes that fulfill their expectations and even surpass them. His comprehension of the operations on the shop floor – whether it be machinery, tooling, or technicians’ skills – is unparalleled. This proficiency has further been strengthened by his certifications, such as the ISO standard 9001:2015, and his advanced knowledge in Spring Design software for designing mechanical coil springs.

Though Alex is a competent professional, he is also a loving husband and father of two children. In his leisure time, he can usually be found sailing scow boats (which he loves for the teamwork involved) or fishing for bass in the summer. In the winter, Alex loves to get out and participate in icy activities with friends, such as ice fishing and snowmobiling. Also, he and his family live on a hobby farm with chickens and enough land to provide maintenance all year round.

As a dedicated, experienced, and certified professional, Alex Altstatt has demonstrated his commitment to the success of Western Spring Manufacturing and his family. His expertise in the shop floor capabilities and certifications make him a pivotal asset to the company, and he is certain to carry on providing top-notch service for many years to come.

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