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As a precision spring manufacturer, we recommend that you contact us early in the design phase of your product.

Considerations of force, space, operating environment, cycle life, harmonics, material type, etc need to be carefully evaluated to ensure an optimal spring design.  We utilize the latest spring design software along with computerized force/length testers that can verify spring parameters.

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Western Spring is a customer service oriented spring company. We strive to make your vendor relationship with us as easy as possible.

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Glossary of Spring Terms

Active coils (na): Those coils which are free to deflect under load.

Angular relationship of ends: The relative position of the plane of the hooks or loops of extension springs to each other.

Baking: Heating of electroplated springs to relieve hydrogen embrittlement.

Buckling: Bowing or lateral deflection of compression springs when compressed, related to slenderness ratio (L/D).

Closed ends: Ends of compression springs where pitch of the end coils is reduced so that the end coils touch.

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